Moonlight Massacre: Building the Haunt

Moonlight Massacre Commercial Broadcast on Comcast

To market his new attraction Branden partnered with Reading Magazine to shoot a commercial for Comcast. The commercial was aired regionally on a rotating schedule of channels. The commercial shoot took about 3 hours spanning two locations, inside the haunt and Shillington Park.

Dead Battery

What you didn’t see on camera is that Branden’s car battery died in Shillington Park. With limited lighting, he left his high beams on without the car running to provide light. No one knew this until everyone was ready to leave and his car wouldn’t start. Lucky, one of the haunt actors drove over to provide a jump. O the irony… It was very funny as the premise of the first scene in the commercial (shot 30mins prior) was involved a car that died and the driver is taken by a Werewolf. To his credit Branden did have a portable jumper pack in his trunk. However, it was brand new and the label said charge before first use… Despite all of this the video shoot went very well the rest of the night.